final project from introduction to computer graphics
2009, ucsd


In this project, we have constructed a fish aquarium environment utilizing techniques acquired from our previous projects in CSE167 (Introduction to Computer Graphics). Fish, rocks, and other decorations in the tank are created using bezier curves. Scene graph is utilized to implement animation and to organize the scene. A fractal terrain is used for the bottom of the aquarium to model a bumpy sand terrain. Per pixel lighting is used to illuminate the aquarium. Keyboard command ‘g’ toggles between per pixel lighting and fixed function lighting. Fish’s movements follows a Bezier path that is calculated dynamically. Trackball can be used to view the aquarium from different angles.

Aquarium with toon shader

Bonnie Han, Eugenia Leong
Responsible for building aquarium walls, fractal terrain, fish and rocks, dynamic Bezier curve algorithm for fish swim path.