This guide will show you how to load a Ride with GPS or Strava route onto your bike computer.


1. Pin the route

Pinning a route on Ride with GPS

Mobile app:

  • Sign into your Ride with GPS account

  • Open route

  • Click on the ellipsis on the upper right hand corner to open the options menu

  • Select “Pin”


Desktop web

  • Sign into your Ride with GPS account

  • Open route

  • Click on “Pin” on the upper left hand corner


There is also an option to “Send to Device”. Send to Device requires a couple more clicks and for a Wahoo ELEMNT, it simply pins the route for you. Therefore, it’s easier if you just click on “Pin”.

Pinning a route on Strava

  • Sign into your Strava account

  • Open route

  • Click on the star icon next to the name of the ride


First, make sure your ELEMNT app is open and the bike computer is turned on and connected to your phone.

  • On the Workout tab, select “Choose a route”
  • Select “Sync from web”
  • Authorize Ride with GPS and/or Strava

3. Load the route

There are two options to load a route onto your bike computer:

Load a route onto your bike computer from the ELEMNT mobile app

  • Go to the Routes page (Workout tab > Choose a route)
  • You should see all the routes you bookmarked from Ride with GPS and Strava. You might have to swipe down on the page to manually sync.
  • Click on the route you want to ride.
  • Select “Select” on the upper right hand corner
  • The route will sync to your bike computer and you’re ready to go! Don’t forget to press Start on your bike computer!

Load a route from the ELEMNT bike computer

(These instructions are for the ELEMNT Bolt, I’m not sure if it’s the same for other ELEMNT bike computers, but they should be similar)

  • Click on “Route” on the bike computer. If you do not see “Route”, click on “Page” to cycle through the data pages until you see the Route tab.
  • Use the up and down buttons to find the route you want to ride
  • Click “Select”. Don’t forget to press Start to start the ride!

Useful ELEMNT settings

Here are some settings I find useful in the ELEMNT bike computer. Everything for the bike computer is configured through the ELEMNT companion app.

Customize your ELEMNT

  • Make sure your bike computer is on and connected to your phone

  • In the ELEMENT app, select the Settings tab, then select your bike computer

  • Select “Pages”


  • Enable Workout data page to see all your ride data. Click into the Workout data option to customize the data fields you want to see. ELEMENT Bolt allows up to 9 data fields per page. You can enable Workout Data 2 page if you need more data fields.


    Put the important data fields towards the top of the list. Those are the ones you can zoom in and out on by pressing the up and down buttons on the bike computer:


  • I like to enable the climbing page. When there is a route loaded onto the bike computer, it shows a little elevation chart at the bottom. It’s really helpful to know how long a climb is! You can also add custom data fields to this page.


  • Enable the Map page. This is the reason we’re loading a route, right? I usually leave the bike computer on this page when I’m riding a route I don’t know well.

Live tracking

Scroll down a bit on the Settings page. Wahoo gives you live tracking for free!

  • Enable “Live Track”

  • Select “Share Live Track Link” to manually or automatically share your live track link. Your friends and family will be able to see your location, distance, elapsed time, speed, elevation climbed, and even your heart rate, cadence, and power if you have a those sensor connected.

    Note: for live tracking link to work, the Bluetooth on your phone needs to remain connected to your bike computer during the entire ride. Live tracking will stop if your phone and bike computer get far enough away from each other and lose Bluetooth connection during a ride. This usually happens during a rest stop if you park your bike and walk far enough away from it for the devices to lose connection. I usually keep the live tracking active by taking the bike computer with me during a rest stop.

    In my experience, live tracking doesn’t drain a lot of phone battery.



Show my location to nearby riders

  • Enable “Show other riders my location”. I find this feature really helpful during group rides. This only works with other ELEMNT computers.

Automatic upload

  • Enable “Automatic upload”. Click into the option to authorize apps you want your ride to upload to.


Garmin Edge 520

1. Export the route

Exporting a route from Ride with GPS

  • You do not need a Ride with GPS account
  • Open the route
  • Click on the “Send to Device” button
  • Select “Garmin Edge”, then “Next”
  • Click on “Download TCX File” to save the file onto your computer.

Exporting a route from Strava

  • Go to the route on a web browser

  • Click on the “Export TCX” button to save the file onto your computer


2. Load the route

  • Plug your Garmin Edge into your computer. You do not need to turn on the bike computer. Make sure you use a usb cable that supports data transfer. Otherwise, the device will not show up on your computer.

  • On your computer, open up the drive named “Garmin”

  • Open the directory named “Garmin”


  • Drag the exported TCX file into the directory named “NewFiles”


  • Eject the Garmin drive and unplug it from your computer

  • Turn on the bike computer

  • Select “Menu” > “Training” > “Courses”

  • Select your route

  • Select “Ride”